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How is Live Writer better than Microsoft Word?

1. Live Writer is flexible.

Use Live Writer as a software or a service - on the desktop or in the browser, online or offline.

2. Live Writer is consistent.

Have you ever shared a document with someone only to find that your formatting has gone utterly wrong because of application version incompatibilities? Or discovered that the person with whom you have shared your document is using an unsupported operating system? Live Writer offers the same user experience across all operating systems and browsers - what's more the software and service versions both have similar functionality to ensure that your user experience is congruent irrespective of how you use the application.

3. Live Writer is portable.

Wherever you have an Internet connection, you have access to Live Writer. You can also export your documents to a number of formats including doc and pdf.

4. Live Writer is secure.

Only you or the people with whom you have shared your documents can view or edit your documents. You can even specify who can do what with your documents and these permission policies are respected at all times.

5. Live Writer is collaborative.

Every document that you create within Live Writer is a social entity - you can share it with others and collaborate on it in a variety of ways.

6. Live Writer is affordable.

Compared to the amount that you shell out for desktop document software. Live Writer is extremely affordable with tiered plans, starting from FREE.

7. Live Writer is self organizing.

Have you ever played email volleyball with 20 MB documents each time a team member has updated a shared document? Have you ever wondered which of the multiple versions of your document is the latest one? With Live Writer, all the pain of manually organizing document updates and changes goes out of the window. All copies of your document whether online or on your desktop are automatically updated and synchronized each time it is changed - a full history of all revisions is tracked at a slide level so that you can revert to any historical version at any point of time.

8. Live Writer talks to you.

Presentation are built to communicate your ideas to others, but wouldn't it be nice to be notified when other users have seen your document or made changes to it? With Live Writer, you can be notified automatically each time your document has been viewed or edited. On top of that, each document comes with geocoded graphs displaying who viewed your document from different parts of the globe.

9. Live Writer is fun.

Just because you're working with documents, doesn't mean you have to do it without personality and style. Why shouldn't your tools be exciting just because they are business-oriented? Forget the boring templates and cheesy cilpart that comes with Microsoft Office and use Live Writer to create stunning documents that communicate your story!

10. Live Writer is easy.

If you've ever used a desktop office productivity application like Microsoft Word, then you're already familiar with Live Writer - no learning curve!


And one more thing, unlike Microsoft, we listen! Let us know what you think can be made better and you will most probably see those improvements delivered in a matter of months, if not weeks. Ever tried telling Microsoft how they can improve Office?