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Live Spreadsheets is feature rich - you will find pretty much everything that you are used to in Microsoft Excel with some changes to aspects that we felt could be improved.

Here are some of the features that you will find in Live Spreadsheets:

Spreadsheets authoring functionality

  • Rich Text content
  • Formulae
  • Charts
  • Comments
  • Format as table
  • Conditional formatting
  • Macros
  • Format painter
  • Pivot table


  • Import/Export Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xls)
  • Import/Export Calc
  • Import/Export OpenDocument spreadsheets
  • Import Microsoft Excel 2007 (.xlsx)
  • Export to PDF and image formats

Sharing and collaboration

  • Concurrent editing
  • Share read access with another user
  • Share write access with another user
  • Share read access with public
  • Share write access with public
  • Share print access with another user
  • Make access requests for permissions within the system
  • Tagging and taxonomy
  • Collaborator awareness - see who else is on the document in realtime
  • Live chat
  • Embedded discussion threads
  • Embedded workflow - task assignment and management for document-centric tasks
  • Embedded electronic signatures
  • Revision history
  • Cell last update record
  • Usage report (view document usage report)

In addition, you will find a number of features that Excel does not provide - click on the links to the left to explore these features.