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What makes Live Documents different?

There are a lot of amazing features that make Live Documents the best way for you to do everything you want to do with your documents.

But here’s a list of some of the most important things:

Real-Time “Push and Pull” Synchronization
All your PCs and the web stay automatically in sync, so your document is always up to date, wherever you want it. No other service makes it so easy to keep documents up-to-date online.

Interactive, Effortless Sharing
Live Documents is the easiest way to share all your documents and to have a live chat while you’re at it!

A Seamless Experience Across the Desktop and the Web
No other service lets you easily view and share documents from your existing desktop applications. And your documents sync to the web and your PC without even touching a button.

Zero-Effort Backup
No other service automatically backs up your documents and the data that keeps them organized, your edits, and documents and comments shared by others. You never worry about it, it just happens.

Easy Recovery and Migration
You can host your own Live Documents servers in-house as well as publish your documents out of our hosted service at any time.

How Live Documents Stacks Up

Email Sharing
Microsoft Office
Google Docs and other online Office solution
Live Documents
Secure Sharing

With Live Documents you can share documents right from your desktop.

Shared documents stay in sync with your friends, so they get new documents you add or changes you make!

Dynamic Permissions

Each time you export a document from an online Office application, the ensuing document version is available as a normal document to users - even if you turn off or change permissions to the original online document thereafter, your contacts still have access to the exported documents.
Why put up with that?
You can turn off or modify permissions at any point of time - even desktop versions will have those changes reflected immediately.
Conversations On
Your Desktop
When someone comments on your documents from anywhere, you can view and respond instantly right
from your desktop
Other sites have one-way upload, but none have continuous two-way sync like Live Documents Live Documents gives you continuous two-way syncing of your documents and edits; between your PCs and the web and vice versa.
Changes Stay
In Sync

With Live Documents you never have to make the same change twice.

Any change you make in
one place is automatically
made everywhere else

Offline Access
To Your
Yes but only from the system on which they were created

Live Documents converts Microsoft Office into a smart client - a software extension of our online service - that allows offline access. Any time you make a change when you are offline, it is automatically recorded and synced with the server the next time you go online.

Unlike any other service!

Backup, Share,
Access & Sync
All In One
Live Documents does
everything you want to do with your documents, all
by itself without any manual overheads.

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