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InstaColl is a Bangalore-based start-up founded with a singular vision - establish the first "Made by India" product brand that is globally recognized and appreciated.

Please note that is "Made by India" and not just "Made in India" - half the software products in the world are probably already developed to some extent in India but can you name even one product brand made by We thought so - this is therefore our raison dêtre...

InstaColl was founded by a bunch of average-Joe technologists aided and abetted by the favorite poster boy of Indian IT .

Our primary focus is on finding a workable model that seamlessly merges the capabilities of mainstream desktop applications (such as the Microsoft Office suite) with the collaborative nature of web-based applications - creating a best-of-both worlds scenario for end-users.

Statutory Disclaimer: While our products are built primarily around the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Corporation was not involved in any way in the development of these solutions and does not endorse them in any formal way. Please see our IP Disclaimer for more information.
(Note: That said, since Sabeer Bhatia is a co-founder, a very small part of the millions that he received from Microsoft for funded our development efforts - so thank you Microsoft!).

If you have a question or would like to receive more information, please contact us at

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